Cardinal Anzul Firefist


Anzul Firefist is the first non human Cardinal to ever be appointed by the church. A devote follower who left his tribe at a young age to study in Nurandyr, he is known as a cunning thinker and master of religious rhetoric. Rumor has it that he and Ravid Morchid, who has become a stunning figure within the church, performed their studies together. Anzul’s claim that he and the new Martyr share a profoundly close bond is further exemplified in the fact that Anzul was appointed to his new post the very same night Ravid was slain by the ‘witch knight’ Lady Diedre.

Now Anzul heads south with a vast human army to restore calm and order to Vordain. There, thousands of orc followers await to join his crusade to tame and restore the Savage Lands.

His first proclamation is that the Chosen vessel of the Radiant God is soon to return. Once Etheriaseu is on the path to recovery, Ravid will emerge from death and give direction to the new church.

Whatever rift was caused when Ravid declared himself the new High Prophet seems to have been healed, as High Prophet Cillian Hathern has now fully embraced the legacy Ravid has created and the orc prophet who champions that fallen acolyte.


Cardinal Anzul Firefist

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