Fetters - Vordain


Fetters is a ratfolk information getter. He is presumably at the low end of the information pyramid, but those looking for a juicy bit of gossip can usually find him at the Hog’s Teet tavern, just north of Vordains west docks. Look for a sign depicting the inns name, and you;ve found your place. It has notorious reputation as a haven for sailors, whores, gambling, and murder.

As it turns out, Fetters is more than most assume. He runs his own branch of the criminal network, specializing in the acquisition of rare magical artifacts and lore. He sees a golden opportunity for his people with Deirdre, and has agreed to escort her north to Chyrath. There are several interesting contacts he has up in those lands, folk who know a thing or two about a few very useful artifacts for Deirdre’s goals.


Fetters - Vordain

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