Ravid Morchid (deceased) Vordain


Thin and pale, Ravid spends most of his time buried in his tomes and scrolls. He has dabbed in alchemy, but his real interest is in ancient anatomical lore. He is known to be interested in acquiring bones that may have once belonged to angels, and has already acquired a few pieces. What other macabre hobbies he might possess he has kept secret for now.

Ravid exposed himself as a power hungry madman bent on launching a holy war. He arranged his own death in front of thousands of followers of the light so that he could become a martyr to a new cause. Dierde slew him on the cliffs surrounding Vordain’s cathedral and cast his body to the sea.

In the weeks that have followed, a kind of religious fervor has spread across Nurandyr and into the Savage Lands. The Beko Kiro tribe are sending out mass numbers of converted priests of the New Light, telling other tribes that the time for the orc has come, and that no longer must they suffer. Ravid has shown a path to redemption and eternal life, they say, and the orcs need no longer feel as though they are a cast off and savage race. They have been welcomed into the church by their new Cardinal, Anzul Firefist, the first orc cardinal.

The first step in Anzul’s agenda is to bring to heel all of the disparate orc tribes.


Ravid Morchid (deceased) Vordain

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