The Creation Myth
Perhaps the Goliaths in their ancient libraries know the truth, or maybe the mad queen Shiandrianna, though who could trust what comes from her poisoned tongue? The tales of Mydril’s origin seem more far flung today then ever, and it is hard to imagine even ancient scholars took them too seriously.

The prophecies tell us that many thousands of years ago, in a forgotten past, there was a brother and sister, and no others. They were born of the world (the heathens call the world the earth mother, but those of the radiant faith know this to be a lie) and none lived before them. He was named light (Lumnos in the old language) and she was named Shadow (Tenebrae). They loved each other fully and after a time she gave birth to children. At first, they delighted in their young, and made many children. Those who believe in magic say that at the peak of their union, the spark of sorcery ignited and the flow of arcane energy spread across the world. As such, these children were infused with power their parents were not. Interpretations become muddled here. Some say Shadow grew jealous and hateful of her children save for her few favorites and plotted with them how to murder the others. Another approach, the more accepted one, suggests Light looked upon this magic and saw it as a wrongness (the Radiant Church supports this view). Willing to do what Shadow would not, Light demanded his children forsake magic or face death. Many accepted, and these became the angels. The other refused, and they became demons. Shadow grew hateful of Light for what he plotted, and took the demons under her protection, nurturing their understanding of the arcane while Light began his eternal hunt, fostering in his children the power of the divine. This battle waged for eons. Some say Shiandrianna her self is the aspect of Shadow, though most write this off as nonsense. Whatever the case, demons and angels spawned children of their own, and these children became the mortal races. This newest generation did not always hold to the views of their parents, and many of them fled the war in hopes of living their short lives in peace. It is said that elves were the children of demons and humans the children of angels. These elves and humans who fled the war lived together, and over the many thousands of years of peace while angels and demons waged an eternal war in skies and under the world Mydril itself. Some demons and angels saw that elves and humans lived apart from war and joined them in the middle world, and even came to love another there. From these odd unions came Orcs, Goliaths, and Dwarves, and from them the half breeds. Thus all the races of Mydril came into being (save for the foul Ratfolk, whose origin is all too well known).

The creation myth is full of incongruities and inconsistencies. The most substantial piece of of pre recorded history speaks of a civilization known as Etheriaseu. This mighty empire was said to comprise the length and breadth of Mydril and was run by beings known as devas. These creatures are thought by more practical scholars to be the original children of Tenebrae and Lumnos. Though exact records no longer exist, Etheriaseu is believed to have existed for around 7000 years, though the high point of its power would have been about 1000 years prior to the heritage wars. Most believe that the other races dwelt in the shadow of the devas, eking out a living from their scraps. Some say (and these heretics are often silenced) that the servant races are a product of deva experimentation. Others suggest that the servant races were born when Etheriaseu collapsed, and that the devas themselves split into a number of different forms and became the servant races amidst this disaster.

Whatever the case, these devas were known to be masters of magic, imbuing their vast power into massive towers and strange flying machines. As their power grew, so did their ambition. They embarked upon a dangerous and terrible plan, the exact nature of which has long been forgotten. The Radiant Host would have you believe that had decided to destroy the shadow and bring the world fully to light. The Mysteries say otherwise, though no one knows what… just that they contradict the Prophecies. This ambition, say the prophecies, aroused Tenebrae’s anger so she tore Etheriaseu apart with plague and fire, ruining utterly the lands of the immortal devas. As a final punishment, it is said Shadow cast a spell on the devas that drew them into an eternal slumber, where they dwell forever in the land of dreaming. Some say you can access their great power by dreaming, and that the great mages of this era have learned to dream while awake, and that is how they handle the rift.

The Heritage Wars – Year 0
Recorded history goes back about 3000 years, shortly after the end of what has come to be known as the Heritage wars. The Heritage Wars were a long series of conflicts between the various races, but primarily between man and elf. Many of the ruins that dot the face of Mydril are casualties of this great struggle. Not much is known about the world prior to this war, but what is not disputed is who started it. King Amarius Komare, a human, is considered the founder of the Church of the Radiant Host. Though the mortal races had long sought to avoid involvement with the First war between angels and demons, Amarius believed man’s true destiny to be of violence and conquest. He claimed to have received visions from Lumnos himself, and desired to aid the shining Father of man. So he launched a crusade against the elves, telling all who would listen that each child of Shadow who died weakened her power and influence in the world. In time, these ideals spread to virtually other race, and the Heritage Wars became an all consuming conflict. Every race found cause at one time or another to seek the destruction of the other. In the end, no treaty was ever signed. The desire for war just faded out, the mortal races fatigued and weary from centuries of death and murder. Two dominant kingdoms arose from the ashes, the elven controlled Eldrichane and the human run Persine Empire. For a few hundred years, an uneasy peace held between the two domains.

The Sundering

The Heretic War


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