Magic and Religion

Though both divine and arcane magic have vanished from Mydril, there are those who still cling to the old ways. Priests and clerics may have seen their outward powers disappear, but nothing will ever stop the mortal races from worship, be it of the light in grand cathedrals, or the many secretive and often violent cults lurking in the shadows of every town. The ‘savages’ to the northwest (orcs) have never surrendered their shamanistic ways, though the tone of their spirituality has darkened in these lean centuries. The elves still study the eldritch arts, though elves are rarely seen and the exact extent of their working knowledge is unclear. Those who claim to know whisper of blood rituals, explaining that magic is easy enough to practice if one is willing to pay a hefty price in their own life essence, or even the essence of a fresh victim. At least that’s one way to explain the sudden disappearance of entire families from the outlying farms. Alchemists, mired in numbers and formulae, have kept the the mythology of arcane magic alive and well in human and dwarven lands, though the risk and dedication required to successfully brew these volatile potions keep most folk from pursuing this deadly profession. As for full fledged wizards… those have not been seen for 1000 years… f you would believe what those in power have to say. Not everything adds up to close inspection, but with a world on the brink of total collapse, who has time to look closer?

The Church of the Radiant Host

The Mysteries and the Shadow Cults

The Lanterns



The arcane

Blood magic

Magic and Religion

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