10,000 years ago…

…it is said, a great war between the forces of light and shadow culminated in a terrible battle at the fields of Gwydun. The magical forces of the world, both arcane and divine, vanished, and quiet settled over the lands of Mydril. The loss of magic proved no boon to the besieged mortal races, for they had come to rely on it’s power in all ways, from the simple functions of daily living to the very ideals of morality and justice. Without these guiding energies and divinities, the mortal races fell into mistrust and chaos. A few bastions of civilizations remained, but the long years have been hard on those places, and their legacy is in doubt. All know the stories of the old world, though few believe them anymore. Yet word has cropped up in taverns and courtyards alike, of strange happenings to the north, of fanatical cults and abandoned farmlands, of lost towers of magic reappearing, and of the return of divine energy to the truly faithful. Some say that the old gods have come back, and that they have restored the flow of arcane energy. Others, in more hushed tones, say that is only the work of demons creating but an illusion of the old world to corrupt our faith.

In the once quiet town of Vordain, great events have just unfolded that have sent the world of Mydril on a new course. A chosen of Lumnos, the God of Light, has been struck down by a chosen of Tenebrae, the Goddess of Shadow, and an ancient, holy church has been razed. Ravid Morchid was said to have been one of the true healers of legend, a man who could restore the dead to life, a savior and a new prophet. A heretic, Lady Diedre has destroyed that hope, casting Ravid into the sea with one strike of her foul black blade. Most demand justice, and call for final purging of heretics and followers of Tenebrae so the world may be bathed in eternal unflinching light… others say Ravid was but a man possessed by some other force, a trickster and charlatan bent on murder and mayhem for the sake of his own and glory, and that Diedre has saved us from his perversions.

A war between the faiths is coming….

The Salvaged Demesne

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