Deirdre Percifal

Swashbuckling cavalier sworn to defend her faith


Deirdre Percifal was raised in the temples of the Church of the Radiant Host. As the natural daughter of a cardinal of the church, she was not heir to lands, titles, or a great fortune. Without a mother to supervise her, she raised in the care of nuns. While not exceptionally skilled in matters of history or sums, Deirdre soon found her place in the Church training in the practice yards. She trained under some of the greatest fighters the army of the Church has ever known. Her skill with the crossbow was unbeatable, and she used her charm as well as her dexterous cunning to disarm opponents in melee.

While her father gradually became disenchanted of the Church of the Radiant Host, Deirdre’s fervor, as a child, was unmatched. As she blossomed into a young woman, and began to explore the more physical side of her charms and prowess, she quickly discovered the church did not approve of such fraternization. One of her early trysts introduced her to a secret order known as “The Lanterns”. This group of people held that their sexual activities were perfectly in line with the teachings of the past. One simply had to study the forbidden “Heresies” to better understand the balance and counterbalance prescribed by Lumnos and Tenebrae. It was at one of these meetings that Deirdre discovered her father was already involved with this counter-movement. Deirdre, while still a sworn cavalier of the Church of the Radiant Host, swore a secret oath to defend and further the doctrines of The Lanterns.

Deirdre Percifal

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